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Auxilius Heavy Industries (AHI) is a solid and growing wind industry service provider always seeking quality technicians for the many projects ongoing and in the planning and preparation stages.

If you may be interested in joining our growing team, please consider the following important factors that will help you and AHI succeed.

  • Honesty:  It is important that the information you submit to us verbally, in your resume, and in your application is accurate.

  • Team Spirited:  Since all activities on a wind farm are in minimum teams of two, it is important that you are able to work with a variety of individuals who may be from diverse backgrounds to form a solid team to represent AHI to our customers in a positive manner.  At the end of the day, your successful activities in front of our customers may earn us a contract extension or additional work – just because they like the teamwork they see.  This team-spirit approach can greatly help you and AHI.

  • Customer Focused:  Work with the customer in mind.  If you see something that may hurt the customer, alert your supervisor so we can work with the customer to resolve the situation.

  • Safety Conscious:  More important than anything else – the goal is for you and your team members to return from the field safely at the end of each day and to be with your friends or family to enjoy the activities you enjoy after hours.  You must never let your guard down or participate in any risky activity.  All safety precautions must be taken at all times and at each step of the way.  Additionally, when customers see you working safely and consciously – they will appreciate your good efforts.  The reward may be that they select AHI over others because they know AHI’s team always operates safely.  The overall best reward is that you and your team return from the field each day safely to enjoy the things you work hard for.

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