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Wind Turbine Cleaning

With our customized suspended aerial platforms, we are able to access and clean all areas of the wind turbine in a fast, cost efficient manner using biodegradable water based cleaners.  We distinguish ourselves in guaranteeing our work – we finish to your satisfaction.

A solid preventative maintenance program will extend the life of the wind turbines and increase its efficiency.  Our expert technicians perform routine cleaning services to your satisfaction.

Our technicians are ENSA trained out of our own ENSA training facility.  The safety of our team is our top priority and our safety record is impeccable.

Carbon Neutral
We’re the only wind services provider that has a Carbon Neutral certification.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
We do what we say we are going to do.  Your satisfaction is our top priority.  We clean the whole turbine from top to bottom.

Locally Based Teams
We understand that keeping expenses down is important for both of our businesses.  Our teams are located near your wind farms so that we can assemble our crews quickly and efficiently.


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